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Want To Toy Around! How to Flirt Without Being Obvious

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Being so close to a vibrant, tall and handsome guy feels good, but seducing him until he falls for you without ever telling him you love him is like honey.

Flirting without really flirting is an awesome skill to master, especially for the boy-crazy temptresses. It’s an amazing tool to get you lots of dates and win any man you like. Toying with guys can make them find interest in the cheerful you without being desperate.

Men happen to think the same across all ages. Once you know them, it’s easy to butter them with your banters. Some guys are bold, while others are nervous. But it’s true they all love glam and seductive queens.

A man will be excited to flirt with a gal, but they cannot plainly risk making the first move. Unless you send them some greenlights, they will rather hold to their morals. [Read: Sure ways to get your crush to notice you]

In as much you don’t want to look cheap, you can always find a balance to play your cards without being slutty, and watch the boys eat from your palm. If you don’t know how, or just want to up your game, this simple guide will make you a miss charming.

#1 Smile and blush coy

Smiling makes you look prettier, in addition to the countless advantages. It goes without saying, men are naturally attracted to women who look happy and approachable. Give them those sexy laughs, and for sure they will fall for your dimples. Say thank you with a warm smile, or blush tenderly if a man compliments you for anything. [Read: Tips to get a flawless radiant skin]

#2 Let that dude catch you staring at him

While out with a guy, maintain a deep look into his eyes, it’s a clear suggestion you’re excited around him. Any man will get feely if you give a confident eye contact throughout the conversation. An extra smile to your accurate glimpses is a great weapon to weaken their knees even more. [Read: Be an irresistible hottie and seduce men like a charm]

#3 Get Handsy

Like the north and south poles, amorous touches are magic. They will complete the sexual chemistry with a man, and make him ready to flirt with you. Any time a girl touches a guy by the shoulders or hand, they get cozy and more welcoming.

Are you that genius! Graze him with a thigh on your way to the ladies, he will be left staring at your cheeky glutes for minutes. And if the contours are well pronounced, a man will be provoked to undress you, in his dirty mind though.

#4 Create them chances

He could be nervous about touching, but hey, his thoughts will linger around your saucy body. Better still, clads that make things pop are great to heighten the tensions.

Small fortuities will give a man a hint of your goodies. In any case, you settled on a showy outfit just for them. Catch a guy sitting on a chair, come from behind and try to reach something on his table. He won’t help it but turn to find out who is it, and his shoulders will have a graze of your breasts. A sweet accident I guess!

#5 Give him compliments

We all like compliments. Commend a man for his nice touch to fashion, if his T-shirts or sneakers caught your sight. It’s awesome, and usually, they will be grateful, at least you noticed something good in them.

#6 Be feminine

The ability to do extremely outrageous and suggestive things is the beauty of being female. Gals can do filmy styles, and still, call men perverts for peeking at them. Of course, because they flaunt their curves to seduce a special crush, and not to please everyone.

The next time you get a chance to sit in front of a fancy Dan, swipe some lipstick on your juicy lips cutely. If he doesn’t notice, bite them and smile at him, while giving some sort of compliment. You could be skittish, but assume no one else is seeing for all you care. It’s a subtle clue you’re open to a kiss. [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and make away with it]

#7 Flip your hair seductively

Dudes love women hair, just like the girls and the sideburns. Besides, ladies can play flirty with their hair in a number of ways. Run your hands through your wig prettily, and they won’t get enough of that thing. It could be a sign of confidence, or efforts to show off your gorgeous smile. [Read: Tips to get a flawless radiant skin]

#8 Give him a tease

Making fun of a man genially is something else to turn him on. Without being rude, or hurting someone’s feelings, tease him like a flair that you are. It’s foolproof, you’re intelligent and bold.

Ask a guy if he got the “bull’s eye” the last time he played darts, or whether he can enjoy watching you eat ice cream. You can as well change his wallpaper to one funny image from his gallery, and joke, “this looks more you.”

#9 Be admirable

Make him know you command other men’s attention too, to stroke his insecurities. With sexy looks and cute behaviors, you’ll simply be irresistible. A guy will be excited when other men admire his sweetie, it’s an honor he’s got a hot date. All said, never entertain their advances openly, it’s unsafe. [Read: How to be a cute hottie and seduce men like a charm]

#10 Take it to the dance floor

Naturally, dancing alone is sensual, which even grows steamy with voluptuous moves. And racy rocks n’ rolls are perfect to hint your interest in a man. If you’re able to get him off the seat, an off-color samba will throw his mind into lewd things together with you in a nude world.

#11 Single him out

While in a jam-packed fiesta, shout a man’s name for no good reason, other than to create something casual between the two of you.

Listen to his words carefully within the crowd, and ask a question to ignite a chat. The simple act can make him feel special, as you can pay attention to every detail about him despite the noises.

#12 Praise him in front of everyone

It’s highly relaxing, and men love it when a woman makes them look good in front of their buddies.

A chance to hang out with a guy, together with his friends is a plus. But to earn all the possible points, hold him tight, and compliment him pleasantly in front of them. The kind gesture is a badge of love and respect. [Read: Romantic ways to show love to your number one guy]

#13 Get closer together

Lean into a man in the middle of a conversation to signal you’re ready to get closer intimately. Lower your voice gradually, and it’s auto, he will lean in too. What an easy way to get a guy confused with his eyes on your pert lips and cleavage.

#14 Make him want you more

Walk away in the middle of a sweet talk, or when things are getting extremely fun. You can find yourself something to do like, attending your friends, clearing your bills at the counter, or get back home. The limbo is a sure fire to leave a man yearning for you to end what you started.

#15 Borrow him a piece of clothing

We know them, guys are gentle to girls, and they love it when ladies admire their stuff. Ask him for his jacket if you’re shivering. It’s not your fault anyway, only that your light high throw flimsies didn’t anticipate anything chiller in the day.

You can as well borrow his hat, and threaten no to give it back until he tells how sexy you look in it. It’s a cute way to own something from a crush if he played a little hard.

#16 Drop him an “accident” text

Message a guy, “Hey you there, what’s up today? A big party is going down in town tonight!” And apologize quickly if he replies, “Sorry, this was meant for Megan. But yeah, are you busy or you can join us too?” The small diss can get a man to drop his schedules and make it up for you.

We hope you enjoyed this read. You may also want to see our Guide on The Art of Seduction

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