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They are naughty – 10 Things to do with pumpkin seeds this holiday

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Are you intending to trash those seeds after carving your pumpkin? Of course, not again. If you didn't know, the small seeds are gifted love drug, and extremely nutritious than the sarcocarp itself.

The pumpkin fruit is one of the most common autumn favorites that has graced many dinner tables apart from the Halloween festivities. Many of us love its pulp, it’s starchy and also contains vitamin-rich properties. However, there is one part of this grocery that seems to be overlooked, the pumpkin seeds, which are actually the most nourishing.

Many at times, the precious nuts are dumped in garbage bins or on the farm to grow. Apart from the Europeans and Chinese, most of us don’t know these grains are healthy. And when it’s about pillow tales, they are proven aphrodisiacs to fire up the air inside your bedroom.

During holidays, with your lovely partner, you’re definitely seeking a spicy delicacy off the normal. And pumpkin seeds will add the touch to your recipes to leave you and your chum excited.

#1 Roasted pumpkin seeds

It’s the most popular way of preparing this wild maudlin food. Here you’ll need a handful or more of the seeds depending on your preference. Soak them for about 30 minutes if they are dry, or skip this stage when fresh for the farm.

Warm your frying pan on medium temps and add a few drops of oil, a tablespoonful will be ideal. Ensure the seeds are free of moisture before the roasting starts. Put them on the pan and cook them until the aroma is evident. Then add a little salt or cinnamon before serving. I’m sure the bites will be great before you hit the sheets, especially if cheered up with a glass of red wine.

#2 Make candied pumpkin seeds

The festive season is here, no doubt you’ve invited your flame over, and it’s a good chance to enhance the lively mood with bits of O-candy. They are toothsome, steamy, and a must for your Valentine’s crafts.

The sweetcorns are easy to prepare, you wonder how! Get a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds, add a mixture of cinnamon and lemon juice, and zest your morsel with caramel. The result will be a lively yummy tidbit, awesome for a movie night with your darling.

#3 Make pumpkin seed powder

Pumpkin powder, yes, you heard me right. You can dry the corns inside this tangy drupe or even roast them and grind them into flour. Make sure the seeds are clean and get rid of the pap, which is commonly known as pumpkin gut. If you like, smack the relish directly. As for me, I would do a flavored and wholesome porridge for breakfast as an energizer.

#4 Use as a bread topping

Blueband and peanut paste are the most familiar breakfast sapors, they are cheap, but probably not the most healthy, especially where organic substitutes exist. For a sweet twist to your slices, try something elevated like pumpkin seed butter. Or add the seeds literally when making the dough for your bread or cake, roasted or raw, for a ginger aftertaste. The kernels have a crunchy feeling, just like sesame or groundnuts.

#5 Add them to your porridge or milkshakes

Do you remember the roasted candy pumpkin seeds? Obviously, you do. There are other ways to eat this ambrosia. And one of them is to upgrade your porridge or yogurt for that crispy punch. The glace seeds will make a magnificent sweetener for your morning oatmeal or a chilled yogurt for a sunny day. They will as well pack you enough nutrients such as zinc, which is a powerhouse for the love of the Mexican pushups. [Read: 18 Natural foods with crazy bedroom benefits]

#6 Go natural with them

If uncooked eggs are fine for heart wellness, unprocessed pumpkin seeds can’t hurt either. Eating these veggies fresh, straight from your backyard without any frying or baking is salutary. The greens are amazingly beneficial, they have unrivaled vitamins and mineral provisions which are often lost in steaming. Clean your berries off the yellow mush, and add a little chocolate or cocoa to make the experience excellent.

#7 Use as salad additive

Like grapes, pumpkin seeds can be used to add taste to fruit or vegetable salads, which form a perfect snack for a romantic sunset picnic with your partner while you take note of the beautiful surroundings. For a cocktail, brittle roasted nuts topped up with some yogurt will complete the trick. And for vegetable salads, slightly boiled or raw seeds will be superb with some lemon juice to better this savory dessert.

#8 Healthy extracts

We brag about food naturals, yet most of us know not about the pumpkin seeds oil. Congrats if you have seen it before. The commodity is rare in the market, but it’s available. Homemade extracts are also safe if you’re not sure where to find this kitchen staple. With a good extractor, you can get enough of this juice for your menus and still enjoy the same perks.

Pumpkin is rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. From elementary science, the supplements are blood circulation boosters, which is key for reproduction and general body fitness. Pumpkin extracts, a must do diet on your romantic vacation for sweet memories.

#9 Make a pumpkin seed snack bar

It’s the holy week of Easter. Assuming you don’t want those headaches from alcohol hangovers, but still want to drink, a bottle of pumpkin liquor is what you need.

Take some wheat flour, chocolate butter, and your preferred extras and get down to work. Prepare a blend of all your ingredients and bake as if making a cake, then chill it in a freezer for a while. The heavenly chocolate snack bar can be eaten on its own or accompanied by milkshakes. Serve your sweetie with this pleasant surprise picking before bedtime and they will long to get you in.

#10 Use it for chicken or fish crusting

For the preparation of this nice complimentary, you will need the seeds dried or preferably roasted and slightly crushed. Using a spatula, apply some olive coat to your chicken or fish evenly. Then sprinkle it with a combo of herbs, your magical seeds included, and barbecue the chicken breasts until they are ready. You may serve it with rice, mashed potatoes or pasta with some gravy. The exotic meal is likely to make your treat colorful and worth reckoning.

A quick round-up

Pumpkin seeds can be used in many ways in cookery to bring various culinary delights that will enhance a romantic holiday mood and theme. Added to their aphrodisiac properties, this is something you need to consider for all your fanciful holidays.

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