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Theme It Red: More Than Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Are you able to get the subtle hints, your boyfriend has been mailing you and pinning your hot pics online. The message is loud and clear Valentine's day is here.

February the 14th is famous for being the world’s most romantic day. It’s a hype moment marked with love madness. Many of us are sweet around this time and almost every couple has something going down. Apart from the roses and the expensive getaways, what else can we remember about this special day? [Read: Scandalous Valentine’s Day gifts for Bae]

For questions like, what is the unique way to celebrate? What your guy really likes? How can you make the day catchy without breaking your account? You’ve landed the answers to spice up your plans for the middle of the already cut month. From lingerie mashups to dinning desserts, there are plenty of things you can do on this big day.

Well, you want to treat your sweetie on Valentine’s day. As you begin to think about some fun romantic ideas to impress them, let us show you some cool tickles that are perfect for the lovers’ day.

#1 Dress the part

Dressing in red sounds normal on the 14th day of the short month of the year, but you can rock your style a little hotter. Stun in flaming skinny jeans and wine shoulder offs for a day out, or subtly flaunt in claret minis for a date night with your man. If you’re that naughty gal looking for something mischievous, X-rated cupid lingerie can earn you amazing results.

#2 Go skinny dipping

With nude swimming, you can be the next or the one and only miss untamed in town. Skinny dipping is one spunky adventure you should dare with your boyfriend if you’re gutty. The late-nite swim can seriously turn the waters hotter and steamy. Please organize in advance with the resort’s staff about your evil mind. Otherwise, be careful getting caught trespassing can spoil the mood.

#3 Have a romantic or a sexy photo session

Arrange some suitable scenes where both of you will have fun in the shooting. You can hire a professional photographer or ask a bestie to handle the cameras for you. For distance lovers, it’s a chance like no other, a golden opportunity to melt your man while abroad. Take the sexiest shots of you and make a private Xvideo, or an adult scrapbook for him. You can send it through an express or simply mail it to his address.

#4 Give him a homemade massage

Lure your partner into a relaxing date with a pampering kindle massage for a romantic evening. Tender touches work like charm. They are fast and greater turn on to get him under your sheets.

Some women are nervous, not because they don’t like backrubs, but where to start is a challenge. Even if you’re not sure, there is nothing to fear. Just show him to your homemade massage table after dinner and the rest will be history. Once it’s over, end your day with a romantic movie and a glass of red wine.

#5 Dinner in bed

It’s absolutely possible to skip Valentine’s escapes and theme your home for the big day. Try ordering in from a restaurant and enjoy the meal with your flame indoors. Spend the night relaxing over good food, romantic games and a cozy company away from the often pricey joints cramped with strangers.

#6 A steamy lunch

Wear that inviting outfit that your hubby likes and show up at his office minutes before lunch. Call him from the parking lot and tell him you’re going to take him for lunch in one of the rendezvous and you will be waiting for him whenever he takes a break. Show him to a nice cafe for lunch and back to the office. Give him some kisses and tell him how glad you are to have him as your better half. Once you’re about to leave, confess to him you’re in something sexy underneath for when he gets home. [Read: Romantic things of thoughtfulness to surprise your guy]

#7 Take him down memory lane

Valentine’s day can be a good time to reflect on what makes both of you happy. You can visit a place that means something special to you. In case you want to stay within, make an album of all your sweet memories or just look through old pictures.

#8 Splurge in a hotel room

Move away from roommates or kids and get in the mood by investing in a change of space. Leaving your apartment for a guest house is something else to freshen up your love and at least stroke some bits of excitement. Spend the night ordering room service, enjoying bubble baths, and cuddling in big beds.

#9 Explore your adventurous sides together

Try daring things on Valentine’s day that neither of you has tried before like, skydiving or ice skating. The experience will connect you both physically and emotionally than ever before. It’s a day you can reveal your fantasies and actually go a step further to fulfill them.

#10 Hit your favorite date spot

Pick a place that means something to you, like where you met on your first date, and enjoy some special hassle-free moments together. This can send your guy into a beautify world that will linger in his mind for the rest of the year.

#11 Leave a trail of clothes on your way to the bedroom

While you walk through the door, start ripping off each other’s clothes as you make your way to bed. In the morning you’ll both enjoy retracing your dirty steps.

#12 Discover a new town

Take a random last-minute Vantine’s trip by exploring a new town within or outside your state. Once you arrive, ask a local to point to you the direction of a resort famous for good food and entertainment. Add accommodation to the list if you planned for a sleepover. [Read: Why every couple must travel before marriage]

#13 Card games for two

Enliven your homemade date night with a little friendly competition. Once again card games will be a hit. Raise your stakes by making the loser take a glass of wine, and remove a piece of clothing. If you know what that means, you’re about to reach CLOUD NINE!

#14 Learn a new skill

From sweet recipes to erotic movies, there are plenty of ideas you can learn every day. Try the new techniques with your lover as you watch the sweet day or date night fade away.

#15 Mirror Kisses

It’s Valentine’s sunup, even if you’re an evening gal, or have troubles waking up early, be the first one to hit the shower and leave a few lipstick kisses on the bathroom mirror. With the red pecks, any man can remember it’s the romantic day of the year and the temps are about to get sizzling.

#16 Plan a surprise outing

Start with dinner at his favorite joint, and then reveal tickets to a show or sports game for two. Honestly, your sweetheart is going to love your company ant the movies. Don’t forget to plan some coins for a few drinks to step up the excitement. [Read: Sweet date night ideas that your bae will crave for]

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