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Sexy Romantic Ways to Show True Love to Your Number One Guy

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Strong relationships are anchored into several unique things, but these two are common, being loved and loving back.

If you’re into something long term, you’ve to make your partner feel special. Your sweetie should be your number one pet, lovers of cats will tell you this.

We all know men are silly over good looks, but don’t flaunt fakes. Fleshy beauties are fascinating, but it takes a real woman to actually satisfy a hubby. Many guys are attracted to ladies who are reserved, well mannered and equally glamorous.

By the way, who doesn’t want to see her boyfriend go down on one knee? Come on gals, men can be tamed. In this guide, you’ll learn how to be more romantic and become all he wants in a wife. [Read: How to seduce men like a charm]

#1 Show selflessness

Make some small sacrifices for your flame provided they don’t hurt your feelings. Unconditional love is sweet to every human and so to men. Let him realize you treasure and really care everything about him.

It’s not that complicated to show how devoted you are to a guy. Simply find interest in his hobbies and as well teach him to appreciate your likes to enjoy every moment you spend together.

#2 Express your feelings

Talk, talk, talk. Communication is key for any relationship to succeed. He doesn’t practice magic to know how passionate you are about him. Honestly, unless you tell him your desires, you’ll be heartbroken to find him fond of things you hate the most.

#3 Glorify him

Do you have friends around you? Definitely, your answer is yes because we exist in an interactive society. Speak the heavens about him when chilling out with your friends or relatives. Let them know he means the world to you. Small things like showing him off in front of your people will make a man feel truly cherished.

#4 Don’t be a nag

Naturally, some people can be picky but constantly pointing at his shortcomings without appreciating his efforts is nagging. You cannot change him in a day even if you whistled to all of his faults. Many at times, you’ll need to compromise your stands and accommodate some of his flaws. Where there is a clear foul that cannot go unsaid, sort it out maturely. If you doubt, yell at him and lose it all. [Read: 8 Things that every guy will notice on a first date]

#5 You are not there yet

Don’t kill the excitement once you settle down in marriage. Keep yourself beautiful and remain that bouquet he fell for. In other words, maintain your youthful vigor despite the run of years.

Life is short but you got to enjoy it to the fullest. As you grow older, keep things simple but stylish. Check out your fashion against his preferences. One more thing, never let his fantasies fade away. [Read: How to freshen your relationship and keep the spark alive]

#6 Let him show the way

Probably the most superb and the easiest way to let your boyfriend satisfy his ego! Leave him chest high and full of pride by candidly seeking advice or aid to complete a task. The simple act will make him feel reliable and meaningful in your life.

#7 Compliment him

He will be glad to be praised, just like you’re excited every time you’re complimented for your dishy appeal. Tell him how virile he looks in his fitting T-shirts. Or when holding you, let him know how he makes you feel like sinning the next minute. “Thank you,” are plain words but to men, they are solid gold they can bank for years to come.

#8 Don’t show him competition

Gals in puppy love know how to use this weapon to full advantage. It makes men lustful and to chase them badly. However, once you settle down with a guy, dating or flirting with someone else around you will make them feel insecure. If this grows into something, the result will be a broken marriage. It doesn’t mean you cease being nice to men, but don’t come on to them or give in to their advances openly.

#9 Nicknames

Nicknames should be exciting and privy if explicit. They can mean something about the size of his manhood, some physical trait or good behavior. If your man is in agreement, calling a man by your pet name can make them extremely happy. It’s as sweet as whispering something dirty into his ear in public.

#10 Surprise him

Creativity does not end at work. Literally, small surprises can make the love you share second to none, the one and only. Overloading your guy with honey things can soak him into fanciful dilemmas. He will keep guessing, but he can’t exactly predict your intent the next time you do nursing costumes. [Read: Romantic things of thoughtfulness to surprise your man]

#11 Glam your outfit

You’ll forever be that naughty gal he admired. Take some time off from your office or casual wears and dress up cuddly. Go for the naughtiest lingerie or something showy and provoking. Your dude will love to see other men crave for your luscious curves. If he loves your contours, dress to show him what you’re made of.

#12 Be cheerful

A warm and inviting face will give you that Forever 21 look. Being childish may seem silly, but it’s a tool to spark freshness into your relationship. Your boyfriend wants to hear you call him babe and laugh at his funny stories.

#13 Let him enjoy the boy he is

The fact that you’re dating or you married him doesn’t mean you own him. He has a life, so let him live. Like your day with the gals, a guy time with his buddies is important. Giving him space can make you look confident and faithful. Remember when he is away he misses you more and comes back brighter and better. [Read: Easy tips to make her miss you badly]

#14 Support him

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. The truth about this can be traced back to the Bible. A woman is a helper and by so doing, you support your man in realizing his goals. You don’t need riches to offer a helping hand. If you didn’t know, emotional support is one of the staples for success.

#15 Cook for him

The stomach is another shortcut to a man’s heart. You don’t have to be a housewife, but he will appreciate if you do him a homemade dish. If you’re lucky he got you a house girl, sometimes you’ve to excuse her and get the stoves going by yourself. Make him a romantic dinner from his favorites. If cooking isn’t your thing, recipes from the pros will be of help. Do not fake anything, otherwise, you’ll be in for a big embarrassment.

#16 Give back

He brought with him roses to your office, Just to say ‘I love you.’ And on Valentine’s Day, he bought you the hot undies that blew your mind. How often do you reciprocate you man’s kindness? He shouldn’t be the only one giving all the time. Return the favor by sending him something special when he least expects. [Read: Romantic ways to surprise your boyfriend]

#17 His friends will be your friends

The way you interact with your man’s people will always impact on your overall relationship. Loving anyone close to him will earn you big points. There is no secret, if you want to call it last girl and your love an irresistible charm to any man, just get along with his mother.

#18 Be responsible

Owning and living solely accountable for your actions is a great ingredient in a healthy relationship. It demonstrates honesty, reliability and inspires your partner to open up for you.

No one is perfect, but give it your all. Extend credit where it’s due. If a waiter served you lunch, be grateful. Don’t forget to say thank you whenever your darling drops you a present no matter how small.

Last but not the list, learn to say sorry any time you find yourself in the wrong. It’s true there are challenges in life, but you’ll always triumph bigger and better after your mishaps if you’re responsible.

We hope you enjoyed this read. You may also want to see our Guide on Romantic Ways to Surprise you guy

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