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See Mr. Lover Man: 6 Compliments That no Woman Can Resist

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Facebook and Insta chats are great to tease a girl. In fact, there are a lot of words you can say to a woman and leave her like OMG, but to nail it, choose areas that are less obvious for praise.

Ever thought of buttering a gal to flirt? Seams easy, yes… because you’re a freak.

In as much adulating our loved ones is a tricky affair, it’s a perfect way to win their attention. But again, you don’t want your compliments to fall on deaf ears, because they were trivial or obvious fakes to get inside her pants. Sweet and brilliant sentiments will make a woman blush, and do that thing with her hair. Sure, they will run out of words and yearn for more affections. [Read: How to make her miss you like badly]

Praise is a crucial ingredient for a great relationship. For stunning responses, it’s cool to choose your words carefully. It takes a creative mind to focus on unsubtle and onliest areas for comments. Tell her what she wants to hear, something new, and you’ll be a hero.

Whether in your house or in public, recognizing a partner gleefully can pleasantly connect both of you. In this read, we’ve listed top compliments to charm any woman and make them feel secure around you. [Read: Ways to keep the sparks alive in a relationship]

#1 You’re a genius

We can’t be equal, very true. The fact that you decided to get along with her, means a bit of honor, which only makes sense when you respect their opinions.

Ph. D. certs are great, but there is knowledge beyond formal education. Real men empower their women so that they can learn from each other. In any participation, dissect through to find out your madam’s addition, and appreciate them accordingly.

Here are examples of intellect compliments which are artfully tailored to look genuine and relevant.

“Since I met you, I have learned so much about life.”

“You’ve such a good taste to movies or music.”

“Which book, movie or series could you recommend for me? I trust your taste”

“You’re too organized, I admire your work ethic.”

“You make me want to be a better person every day so that I can be worth your love.”

“You should help me complete this task, what do you think?”

“The date has been fun. Sure, you gave it your all, it’s evident.”

“How did I get this lucky, God dropped me a star for a wife.”

“You’ve such a positive charisma, I could listen to you all day.”

” Do you know what I love about you? Your intelligence.”

#2 Appreciate her beauty

[Read: Easy steps to get a curvaceous body]

Telling a woman, “you’re the most beautiful bouquet ever created,” may receive a warm welcome, but it’s obvious she has heard this more than a million times. Move a step further and isolate those attributes that you think make her prettier. The more specific you get the better, it’s clear evidence you’re keen on their nice details.

Look, beauty compliments will make a woman blush. Just a few lines and she will live smiling all day.

“You’ve such nice teeth, lips, eyes, or hair.”

” In a room full of art, I wouldn’t get my eyes off you.”

“You wanna go your way, I’ll just follow the steps and you know what you got behind.”

“Hey sweetie, can I borrow your kiss? Sure I promise to return it in time.”

“The best thing I can think of now, is to have you catwalk for me in those heels.”

“That new hairstyle makes me nervy, I’m about to…”

“You’re ever smiling, how do you look so cute all time?”

“I like what you’re doing in bed these days, I think God was high when he created you.”

Attention, attention! You can admire, but not all parts of a woman’s body are up for praise. For the reasons we know, more sexual zones like, the butt or boobs, are no-go minefields. Keep away from them unless you’re so intimate.

#3 You’re my best friend

Ladies wish to share friendship too, apart from being your wife or a date. Any effort to show fondness makes them feel cherished. And as well lauds the good moments you spend together. [Read: How to make her miss you like badly]

Look into her eyes, and tell her in the face;

“I looked at the world, I found it so empty, what would I’ve done without you.”

“Being around you makes me happy, there is something unique about you from every other person, and I can’t wait to see us grow older together.”

“It’s hard for me to express what I think of you, because words only diminish what I feel for you.”

“I can’t imagine life without you, and I don’t want to.”

“At times I wish I met you earlier, but I’m grateful God chose this time, at least I have an idea what love is.”

“You want to be alone, there is no way because being around you makes me happy.”

“Days were longer back then, I just realized life is short after I got you.”

“It’s fun being with the boys at the movies, but I confess, you’re my favorite friend.”

“You’re my shunshine, and being around you makes it hard for me to say goodbye.”

“I’d like to start my morning with you in mind, and end the day with you in my dreams.”

#4 Her fashion

Nothing flirters like genuinely commending a woman’s outfit. We argue about personality, but I admit, the fashion industry has built an illusion that cool wardrobe pieces can make a woman hot than they really are. Turning a bliss eye on a girl’s skinny jeans, or her three-inch heels will make her feel fancy and sexy.

When it’s about outfits, talk like a pro. I promise you, every woman understands these things. Tell her how she is sweetly clothed, and she will begin to act coy.

“I wish I was a girl, I’d steal that dress from you when you’re not looking.”

“You have such a nice taste to fashion, that T-shirt makes your cleavage pop.”

“Anything going down in town? You look like someone so ready to kill it.”

“You love what you’re wearing, you can’t help it, your cleavage says it all.”

“Are you a model, okay then, I think you’re a fashion star.”

“Wait, can I take a photo with you, I want to remember the outfit forever.”

“Tell me where you buy your things, can we go shopping together so that I can take care of the prices?”

“Is like those leggings were meant for your legs, they make them lean.”

“Those heels and your long legs, what a perfect match.”

“Who is your stylist gal, I think this is where fashion has met the star.”

#5 You’re amusing

“All gals love pink! They can’t throw balls either.” Another untrue stereotype about women is that they aren’t funny. At least you agree, girls can equally crack jokes whenever they gather. If not then, have you wondered about the increasing numbers of women in the laugh industry these days?

It feels pretty to get applause for your one-liners, a mean every guy knows how rarely this happens. Be grateful to her sense of humor, and she will realize you’re not one of those naive and sexist mediocre who think women can’t induce laughter.

Laugh at her jokes and comment with something touchy. “You’re hilarious…, you’ve such as a sharp sense of humor, ooh naughty gal you wanna break my ribs one day,” and many more. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#6 Be grateful for her reliability

Thank her if she gave you a shoulder to lean on when you felt like giving up. “I knew you’ll always be there for me,” or “I’m glad you’ll never forsake me even if the whole world did, thank you.” Words can be plain, but they are heavy at the core. They show much love and trust, which is a sure pin-up for her emotions.

Though she believes you’re the backup, help her understand she has a contribution to make. It makes her feel stronger and greatly attached to you.

We hope you enjoyed this read. You may also want to see our Guide on How to Flirt Without Being Obvious

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