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Ooh I Must Date That Guy- Find Out Why Many Girls Love Bad Boys

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We envy him, he is a ladies man. Apart from tall, dark and handsome, what do bad boys know that we don't? What about the sweetest girls falling for terrible and worthless assholes and will actually pick them over the outgoing promising guys?

Many romantic movies are filled with men who look rebellious, and usually, they portray them as ostensibly irresistible and unreachable. Most of them if not all, highlight a woman’s quest to get that untouchable guy and keep him all to herself.

Scientifically, people with difficult to handle or negative characters, such as impulsivity and imprudence had more sexual partners and many children compared to those who shared a lot in their personalities.

Often women find themselves falling for bad boys, and they can’t give a reason if you asked for one. Maybe some of the answers lie in our backgrounds. Girls are brought up to be polite and easy going, but they are adventurous deep inside. They are nice so what is left to explore. Perhaps a guy who can put up his middle finger in a crowd is that hottest thing they can think of. Landing a dude who cannot be tamed and gaining control over him is fun, just like domesticating a wild beast.

In as much we advise our girlfriends, sisters, and daughters, the pattern is not ending any soon. Women will fall for bad boys over and over again. We shall cringe and pity when our sisters repeat this mistake. But to them, winning defiant men seems to be a lifetime achievement. In this article, we talk about 9 reasons why cool girls are attracted to unspeakable suitors.

#1 Bad guys are a true definition of fun

Are you interested in tremendous fun hangouts? From biking to daredevil trips, a bad boy knows what it means to have good times. [Read: 15 Ways to freshen up your relationship and keep the spark alive]

#2 They are emotional masters

If you want a shortcut to a woman’s pants, caress her feelings. Emotions are like a drug that women immensely respond to and a bad boy is the onliest peddler. He makes a girl feel scared, panic or cry whenever he pleases, then turns around to stroke her excitements. He makes her feel sexy and appreciated. When he whispers something sexual into her ear, he makes her horny. And any time he wants to, she will jump his bones. [Read: How to make her miss you like badly]

#3 Bad guys are unpredictable

A little trespass ignites some sort of excitement to women. I’m real girl, what you see is what you get. Bad boys are bold and less likely. The anxiety makes ladies want to unfold what the baddies got underneath the bad guy exterior. As a result, many girls will crave for a mysterious guy to gain his confidence and get to discover everything about him.[Read: Romantic things of thoughtfulness to surprise your bae]

#4 They make life alive

It’s a dream of every parent that their daughters will listen to them. Women are often assumed pretty by their looks and not what their inner-self presents. Many girls thus give in to pretentious lifestyles just to please the masses.

Sometimes, homegirls want to freeroll, and a bad boy is a bishop of free life. He pursues what he wants, and doesn’t care about what people think of him. He will turn that most loyal sis against the norms, giving her the courage to be what she wants and feel more of herself than acting what everyone expects. [Read: 15 Ways to freshen your relationship and keep the spark alive]

#5 They are untouchable

In the eye, bad boys are tough and the most fearless. You don’t cross their line anyhow, mess with them and they will take the bull by the horns. What other thing exudes testosterone than a man who doesn’t give a damn to authorities when they fuck with him.

If a woman feels vulnerable in today’s world of violent crimes, they will be comfortable around someone willing to fight all their battles. And so the manlier, the more attractive one is.

#6 The world is for hunters

Are you a hunter or a gatherer? Either way, bad boys combine both genes to fill the earth as God so wanted. If the world got so rubbish, that it’s survival for the fittest, nice guys will wither out with their structure of existence. But the blackguard has nine lives to boot.

Even in modern, women have inborn drives towards a person who can put food on the table. Yes, that someone who will go hunting and at least kill regardless of the ever worsening conditions. [Read: Smart money habits to reach your financial freedom]

#7 Ovulation makes women think “Sexier” rather than reliability

Ovulation hormones make a woman think “Sexier” men will make devoted and appealing mates than their counterparts who are obviously dependable. The reproductive endorphins make women mistaken bad boys for their alpha mindset as good baby daddies and providers.

#8 They are an ideal choice for flings

Lousy guys are not ready to settle down even if you promised them gold. In many cases, women fall for these little devils when they are afraid of commitments. By dating jokers, they avoid the risk of heartbreaks, because they know such relationships are short-lived from the onset.

#9 The charming power of narcissism

The male ego is definite in sobs. They are full of themselves and exhibit a greater sense of self-importance, superiority, and the ability to exploit others with arrogance. Indeed, bad dudes are hot, maybe because of their gymnastics. From the hair, clads to walking styles, the guys in bad books are fashion heroes.

Studies have revealed that women with high narcissism wear more makeup and show cleavage, while their male counterparts are keen on building muscle mass.

A tip for the altar boys

It’s true you love this chic. You treat her like a queen, but what do you get in return? It baffles that she can’t give up that son of a gun. And so unfair that she’s relentlessly chasing a man who is not ready to settle for anything, and will probably hurt her feelings.

We bring you good news! With a few tricks, you can now develop some bad boy traits and bring that girl to your chambers clotheless. We are not talking about smoking 20 cigars a day, or drinking like there is no tomorrow. If that is what you thought, better stick to your ways. Otherwise, the hotties you’re after will walk on the dark for a while, and once they are ready to fall hard, the holy boy will carry the day. So, be yourself if you can’t adapt positively. And one more thing, don’t be a fake.

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