How to Grow Wider Hips and a Bigger Round Bum Naturally– No Pills - Sizzlingyou

How to Grow Wider Hips and a Bigger Round Bum Naturally– No Pills

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Pills, overeating and unfocused exercises won't produce your desired results. To grow a badass booty, check on your diet and get a workout plan that targets the gluteus from all angles.

A bigger round butt is sexy, feminine and a greater turn on. No wonder the zesty bootylicious babes have charmed the world pushing the tall runway models off the red carpet. Actually, only a few things can destruct a busy man, but a killer butt turns heads. [Read: Be an irresistible hottie and seduce men like a charm]

Don’t let simple routines scare you when other gals are enjoying men’s attention, your boyfriend not spared either. He will deny, yet we just can’t help it. Any time a pair of round perky glutes pass by, dudes ogle and imagine carnal things.

Skip the deadly pills and build your butt muscles with a healthy diet complemented with bum exercises. Dedication to smart choices on wardrobe pieces that accentuate your contours and as well help pronounce your ass.

#1 Healthy diet

Diet Diet Diet…

What you are, talks a lot about what you eat. Like the hip exercises, eating well is another big thing to grow bubble glutes. Adequate energy is required to work out, and for the body to undergo the healing and recovery process thereafter. [Read: Number one foods to spark romance in your bedroom]

Getting a bigger booty means gaining some weight. Thus, you will need to take in more regular amounts. Take note, excess consumption of proteins and carbohydrates can lead to health problems, don’t over-consume.

a. Proteins

Proteins are necessary to build muscles mass. Straining during exercises and weight lifts causes micro-tears in the muscles. A regular protein intake ensures a steady supply of amino acids, which are crucial for the body to repair the tears. After your routine workouts, small quantities of protein shakes are recommended. The nutrients can also be obtained naturally from eggs, legumes, red meat, chicken, and fish.

b. Carbohydrates

Carbs are the main source of fuel needed for exercises, and for the body to get on with the rest of the day. In addition, they help the body to maintain a good muscle structure and add in some weight.

When the daily body energies are met, excess carbs are stored as glycogen which preserves the muscles during shortages. Foods rich in carbohydrates include oats, cereals, sweet potatoes, couscous, quinoa, and brown rice.

c. Fats

Not all fats are harmful to human. Good fats will, in fact, help you produce hormones that make you gain around your lower body. Such fats can be obtained from walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, fish and olive oil.

d. Veggies and fruits

Don’t skip your leafy vegetables and the apples. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that your body organs need to function efficiently. These foods will also help the body to fight against some chronic diseases. Extra benefits from options like, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, broccoli, and cucumbers make them super dishes.

e. Get an extra glass of water

Sufficient hydration will boost your metabolism and organ functioning for the body to burn fats more aptly. There is no proven amount of water to drink, but experts will recommend at least 10 cups for men, and 8 cups a day for women.

#2 Butt exercises

Food without relevant exercises will just make you put on more weight. Instead of increasing the right parts, you may end up in a shabby body full of belly fats. However, a healthy diet combined with merited workouts is great for tempting curves beyond your dreams. Try these simple routines and your shape will be transformed for the better.

a. Squats

It’s the common exercise recommended for the lower body and the backside. Besides the winning shape, the exercise is top notch if you love it woman on top.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then lower your body to a position as sitting on a chair with all the weight on your heels and then rise to standing position. Repeat the exercise 10 times for every set, and take between 3 – 4 sets in a span of 10 minutes. Make the exercise more effective by squatting with relatively heavy weights for wide stances to accelerate the activation of quadriceps and the glutes.

b. Hip Thrusts

With your shoulders on a raised surface, like a couch, adopt a position where your hindquarters are slightly above the floor. Pressing your heels into the ground, lift your body parallel to the floor and bend the knees 90 degrees. Hold this position for 5 seconds before returning to the initial position. Repeat the same 10 times for a complete set. Your rear should not touch the floor before the sets are over.

c. Lunges

They tore the gluteus and hip muscles, and gains are registered during the repair. With your feet hip-width apart, step one leg forward about 2 – 3 feet depending on your height, and bend the knees simultaneously keeping your upper body straight. You may pause in that position for 3 seconds or take three pulses and rise back to standing. Repeat the same 10 times for each complete set.

d. Bum bridges

Bum bridges will tear and sculpt your bum far in the inside. Lie on your back with your feet shoulder width on the floor. Pressing your heels down, lift your hips off the floor, and squeeze your bum while keeping the back straight. Breathe in as you hold this position for 5 seconds and out as you lower yourself under control. For a complete set, repeat the procedure 10 times.

e. Leg Lifts

Lift one leg to a level that your hip is parallel to the floor while the other knee is bent 90 degrees. Hold on for 5 seconds to transfer all the weight to the other leg. Repeat the same with the second leg. Complete each set by repeating this exercise 5 times for each leg.

Point to note: The number of sets to complete varies from one person to another, but it’s urged to stretch oneself exhaustively – NO PAIN NO GAIN

#3 Clothing choices

Dress up to showcase your saucy attributes. Many at times, you can play smart with your closet to make your behind look bigger. For a sexy luscious appeal, go for outfits that cut right into the framework of your body.

a. Remember your girl band

If you want a break and at least breathe out of the tight fittings, use elastic bands, scarves or belts to clinch your middle when wearing loose dresses. This makes your waist look smaller and amps your booty a few inches up.

b. Try fitting clothes

Tight fits like, yoga pants and skinny jeans, are killer to rock the streets. They click perfectly with the haunches giving them a fleshly look, as opposed to baggies which diffuse your strongholds making them invisible.

c. Push it up a little

Sharp pointed high heels will do this for you naturally. They lift and push the bum out, making it look bigger and rounder. In addition, heels will make your legs look thin and never ending as they lean upwards.

d. Floss in high waists

High waists are flirtatious, cool classics for women of all shapes and across all ages. The designs are tight around the waist and emphasize the arc of your backside. Flashy high-waisted trousers and shorts can also elongate the legs to make them look longer. Don’t forget the girls, in this flattering fashion, a good bra is essential especially if your cups are heavy.

e. Try butt lifters

Shop for nice pushups designed to compliment your seat and they wouldn’t disappoint. Some of them have cutouts to pronounce your individual butt cheeks and others make the waist look narrow. In case you’re worried you’ll look phony, men don’t question good things.

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