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How To Be An Irresistible Hottie and Seduce Men Like a Charm

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Being the right version of hotness is exactly what you need to seduce a guy. Ask them, men will tell you what they find irresistible to win you countless dates.

Are you excited about seducing men? I guess yes, because hey, women love it when a man feels confused and helpless, as a result of the sensual tension they created on purpose. [Read: Sure ways to get your crush to notice you]

The secret of seduction is simple and one very interesting, you agree, anything attraction is fine with nearly all chics. We want attention, and the beauty of being a girl is to make guys have eyes only for you.

Do you remember the physics of unlike poles! The male psyche has huge gaps. Men usually itch for good looks, and God is mysterious, He made the female framework to deal with their knees.

You can have a crush on a guy you just met, someone you’ve bumped into several times but still don’t know them, or a friend. The approach towards each case will differ, but one thing is sure, seducing any man is easy. Whether it’s to befriend them for benefits or make them fall for you, this guide will get a lot of men under your spell. [Read: Why many girls love bad boys]

#1 Sneaky glimpses

Ladies are shy, at least we can save that for our little sisters. Hello… sugars, leading glances to a man are sexy and inviting, provided they aren’t extreme. If they catch your cat eyes, tip the head slightly downward, blush and smile coy. He will not be certain you’re looking at him, but the clues are loud and clear, you want him. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#2 Create him chances

Of course, you don’t want to look cheap, but you can always find the balance with small signals to make things softer without being obvious.

We can’t say there are guys, not man enough, but some lack the manly pebbles. They can’t make moves to new arrivals, despite their glamour. When in doubt, throw small openers to provoke their advances. Truth be told, no dude can resist anything red on Valentine’s day.

Start with simple questions, but suggestive in a way to warm them up. Or better hint him a feel of your body, graze him a thigh on your way to the ladies, and let it seem like an accident by apologizing with a sweet smile. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#3 Ask for help

Did you know you can take advantage of him being a gent? Honestly, no man can ignore a run of luck to showcase his nobility.

How to do it, we got your answers. Drop a few books as he walks past, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised they wouldn’t allow you to bend with your tight minis. Or while at the office, ask him for something small like, a pen or a notebook. He will find one for you without fail. Pretty, but don’t forget to say thank you for the favor.

It’s auto, and if it doesn’t ignite a conversation, his mind will never get enough of you. And a call to say Hi or catch on you later is sure.

#4 Play hard to get

Don’t bother calling, because he will. Besides your efforts to have a man, make him work for it. Open the doors for him, but do not let him hop in without a knock. A guy will sit ease whenever he feels the road has gotten smooth, which is normal.

Once a man is able to read the signs, you’re in love, get yourself some class. Grant him what he needs, but not what he wants. Give him space to enjoy your own, deny him attention to catch his attention and the flames will forever remain lit.

Playing hard to get is great to shake up his insecurities, and make him realize you’re that rare flower that deserves it all. Sex can wait as long as you care, and he will chase you more.

#5 Get Handsy

Make closer to him or to a strategic corner where he can figure you out, and run your hands over yourself innocently. He will notice you without much struggle if you get sensationally touchy whenever your faces hit each other.

The upper body, that is, your slender neck, hair, eyebrows, cleavage and your edible lips will form a perfect combo to send a guy into sinful imaginations. You can as well play with a pen or a wine glass delicately, and there is no way a full grown adult can miss out such clear passes. [Read: Sure ways to get your crush to notice you]

#6 Mimic his behavior

In spite of the distance between your seats, you can get a closer connection with a dandy by replicating his actions from where he can see you.

It’s sunny, and the midday soaring temps make him shuffle his collar, fab, make him notice you’re sweating too, either by fanning yourself with a hand or shawl. The subtle wink is genius and shows your hearts beat the same, and that you can make a perfect match.

#7 Use your assets

He is just a guy, and that is their greatest flaw you can take advantage of. Sight is a blessing, true… but to men, it’s a big curse. With all the makeup, they can’t get their eyes off your face. Make even more kills with your voluptuous body, which is sure fire to get a man’s blood swift for as long as you’re around. [Read: Easy steps to get curvaceous body]

Whether you’re looking for dates or casual hangouts, styles that pronounce your contours are essential. They ooze confidence, and in addition, limpid cladding allows the body to speak for itself. Men are skeptical, yet they can’t help it, nice boobs and a round perky butt makes the heads to roll.

#8 Fake some boredom

Pretence is another pact that can win you a big rush if you’re manipulative. Approaching a busy person is a challenge, and can amount to disturbance. Look, men will always find a reason to move closer if you seem idle or a little bored.

The cunning act is an excuse for them to pull a seat next to you, just to put a smile on your face. you will be a champ at the end even though there was nothing serious.

#9 Stroke his curiosity

Make him desire to know more about you if you’re able to get down for a talk. Apart from the popular bodily chats, anything flirty will induce intense lusts.

Talk about your good times by the poolside, or your half day massage sessions on weekends. Hot air full of banters is dreamy, and if fused with a feely body language, it’s a charm to soak someone inside your nudes. And a real hunk won’t let you go without a few tickler whips. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#10 Give him a little pick-a-boo

Men are color blind, only in your thoughts, because the lot is well alert when it comes to women appeals. Don’t reveal all your strongholds in one go, unless you want to wash away the excitements.

Do decent fashions, yet sexy, and sometimes give them fortuities. A flash of a thigh in high throw flimsies once in a while can make them fantasize the rest up your lean legs. But, ensure you don’t jump overboard.

Even if they don’t recognize you, or don’t act as they care, a generous bust will never go unnoticed. Virtually all men will be tempted to touch. And year, the whet apples are ever scandalous. Drop a sling bag in front of a guy artfully, and lean forward to pick it when they are keen. The male eye is accurate, and surely, who can mistake a sneaky boob for melons? Hints of skin will leave a guy wanting to see more of you, and possibly clothless.

#11 Flirt like a charm

If a man gets too comfy with you, two echoes are correct, he could be falling for you or just sexually attracted. Exactly why you need more whip up moves to make him drool and feel confused around you.

Touch his hands gently to hit the passions while in a rope in conversation. “Ooh yeah,” he welcomes the love drug, stroke him under the table and pretend to be innocent. The star tease is bewitching and can make a man imagine the two of you in privy.

So fast, but fine… you’re open to a pet, ask him to escort you up the second floor in a squeezed elevator. What a fluky for your cheeky bum to rub his small leg and watch him feel tight down there? Sweet accidents are often safer plots to get a guy under your pants. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#12 Bring heavens down for him

You’ve been in contact with a guy for some time, amen. Why can’t you convince him into some night dos, like clubbing? I bet, both of you will reach cloud nine the day you enjoy fun, drinking and partying together.

Want to nail it, take it to the dance floor. With your fascinating yummy package, that dude will be helpless. And your intriguing sinful skills will make him crave. You can as well dare him to join in, it can never be sweeter than a genial tango for two. Sticking your bodies together completes the chemistry to send a man into his all life happy times.

#14 Accidental kisses

Accidental kisses are delicate but worth the risk. It takes a lot to create safe chances and to seize them without offending a bestie. At times, it’s hard to get a real kiss, but they can mirror the motive – run a finger on your lips, or rather bite them seductively any time you catch them staring at you. Men are sharp, they can tell when a woman is open to a kiss. [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it]

#15 Be lively

There is no way people will get along with you if you look like someone defeated with life. Moving smiles are cute and they make a woman feel girly. While in social affairs, being the life of a party is perfect to get noticed. Moreover, guys will form an opinion of a warm and accommodating personality by just being bubbly.

We hope this article was interesting to you. You may also want to see our Guide on how to be a bedroom champ and cast any man with a sexual spell.

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