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He Finally Asked You Out! This is how to impress a guy on a first date

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Winning the first date with a crush is great, and it's obvious you'll want to create a good impression. Real women leave men like, "wow... she's hot, I can't wait for the next date with her!"

An appointment with a guy you like is a rare chance that you definitely don’t want to take for granted. It’s natural to get a little nervous but your aim and focus are important. Just see things from a simple angle, a date as an opportunity to have fun and get to know a friend. While with him, be yourself and remember a good impression is all about confidence. [Read: 8 Things that can never go unnoticed on your first date]

If you’re interested in stuff that will leave your flame yearning for a second take out, hang around for a few. The answers you seek are right here.

#1 Dress for the occasion

You have a big day coming up soon? Fashion, especially cladding for a date is tricky. Many women are overwhelmed with ideas, and on the D-day, they keep jumping into one piece after the other hunting for perfect looks.

But hey, dressing to fascinate a boyfriend is supposed to be effortless. In fact, being a guy is the greatest weakness you can take advantage of in a dude.

Although you’ve heard a lot about this, it’s worth mentioning, men are fond of women flesh. For dazzling looks, consider styles which show some skin without being extreme. In as much you want that sexy appeal, settle on something comfortable, yet trendy. Off shoulders are commendable all-time classics that are sure to charm any guy.

#2 Choose an ideal venue

Normally, the guy will be expected to do it, but don’t shy off from giving your suggestions. They are equally important, and surprisingly, between his ideas and yours, there is no perfect site for a date. You just need to check-in where both of you can be free and comfortable. A cup of coffee by the poolside, or dinner at the beach, are romantic and perfect to deal with the butterflies if you’re coy.

#3 Pay attention

Avoid unnecessary phone calls on your first dates, they are a sign of boredom which might not actually be the case. Switch off your BlackBerrys, do him the courtesy, and look him in the eye warmly throughout the chat.

#4 Be naughty

That other side of you is a big turn on to men, because it shows maturity and exposure.

Sit close to him and let them feel awkward around you. Touch him gently to show interest, and probably to make him edgy about crossing into your space. Then break the touch with light gestures to make him want more. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

It’s safe to assume the role of an innocent girl, yet tempting. Because at some point, you’ll need to throw openers without being desperate. Kindly, do not give in so easily, and stick to no sex on such a day.

#5 Arrange for your transport

Never bother him picking you up, not by virtual of class, but because you want him to get it right from the onset.

Apart from being responsible, having your own transport arrangements to and from the date shows you’re a reliable chic, and not an onus bitch.

You’ll argue he should prove worth your love, I knew it, exactly why I’m here to advise. What if things turn rubbish? Please manage a PSV, or take an Uber Cab if within your budget.

#6 Express interest in him

Find a way to make him open up for you. But again, avoid boring questions like, what do you do for a living? Instead, ask him about his hobbies, life goals, and talk about his woman type. You can be pleasantly surprised to match into all his specifications.

#7 Keep smiling

It could be your greatest strength or weakness, but you got to use this tool to fullest advantage. Your face communicates tons about your inner self. While hanging out with a guy, be lively, smile and laugh at his fun tales and he is going to fall for your dimples. [Read: Be an irresistible hottie and seduce men like a charm]

#8 Stick to a positive conversation

You may have a lot to complain about like, the service, food, or your past relationships. But I’m sure, the last thing you want him to passive is you being a nag. Stay calm, and keep spirited to remind him of the reason why he agreed to this date.

#9 Offer to pay the bill

It may seem rude to some men, but it’s worth to try. On a first date, It’s definite he will take care of the bills. However, many guys find it attractive when a lady offers her credit card to settle the counter, but they won’t tell you. The secret will earn you a few points for your generosity. [Read: Romantic ways to show love to your number one guy]

#10 Share small bits of your life

If a man is excited about you, he will want to know you, and a lead on talk is perfect to let him into your world. Speak about your likes, hobbies, ambitions, and aspirations to compliment your buttering words. This is a clever way to unfold your personality, and pass a hint about your life outside of pals and relationships.

#11 Smell great

Simple is great, agreed, but also it’s fine to be a honey. Men love it when their women wear some sweet-scented perfumes. A luscious balm is appetizing, sure, it can activate the devil in a man especially when hugging.

If you decide on colognes, do them evenly. Use sprays on strategic parts like, the wrists, behind the ears and that area around the neck or under the collarbone for ceaseless fragrance trails.

#12 Be kind

Men are attracted to women who are kind, pleasant, and seemingly approachable. Even though you’re not interested in dating someone, you got to be welcoming. Any sign of arrogance can make them avoid you despite your sizzling beauty.

#13 A stroll after the date main event

Mostly, first dates will happen in quiet lounges or gardens. Once the serious issues are over, it’s time to leave the roundtable, step outside and get cheerful. Take a stroll through the park, or along the beach, and enjoy nature together. The brainy excuse will extend the date to give you some more minutes of dredging up more about him.

#14 Yield more with good manners

Be polite to everyone around, particularly when your sweetie is within. Accord gratitude to others, and give credit where necessary.

For example, appreciating a tour guide after taking you round the park can make you look friendly and loving. Lastly on character, be responsible for your actions, and learn to say “Sorry” if you made a mistake. [Read: Secrets to make your man the world’s coolest Dad]

We hope this article has helped learn how to impress a guy on a first date. You may also want to see our Guide on simple details that  guys always recognize on a first date

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