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Glam Mom: 10 Amazing And Creative Baby Bump Photo Shoot Ideas

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Pregnancy is a stunning moment in your life, and full of excitements. If you wish to brandish that mom to be, get ready for some inspirational ideas, and great timings for amazing bump photography.

When it’s written all over you, yes a new baby is on the way! Visiting your gynie and testing positive sends a flurry of emotions through your veins. After the bottom of your stomach pops out and everything becomes obvious, you’ll hit a point where you want to share the news with the world. [Read: Clever ways to tell your partner, you’re pregnant]

The ability of your body to conceive and bear babies is a miracle that should be celebrated. In fact, many women would like to document these joyful memories from the very beginning.

Whether you’re about to become a first-time mom, or doing it again, maternity photography will help you create indelible memoirs for this special time in life. The session not only flaunts the glowing mom to be, but it’s also a chance for family photography.

But once your fashion and makeup specialist is done and the photographer is ready, what is that other additive will you add apart from smiling. Here we’ve compiled a number of baby bump shot ideas for every step of your pregnancy. As you anticipate your newborn, it’s equally delightful to break such great news with blissful announcements.

#1 T-shirt prints

You want to air the breaking news about the anticipated newborn, to both the family and friends, nail it with some clever baby coming pregnancy announcement T-shirts. They are fun, and besides, printed T-shirts can spread the news about what is cooking even before the obvious body changes begin. If you want to give away the actual stages of the new gamer, T-shirt prints are unbeatable.

Whether you’re out for hilarious or serious, artsy classics for sweet birth announcements, there are a lot of T-shirts that can assist you to do it like a Pro.

#2 Write the news on your body

Are you looking for something more genius? How about a belly art pregnancy photography? It’s something else to get your tummy printed, especially if the touches are tender, the process is fascinating. The theme of the print should suit the time for which that pumpkin will be ready for harvest.

There are virtually endless ideas, so don’t limit yourself to these examples;

. If you pose with the father, write on his stomach “Beer inside,” and “Baby kicking” on your belly. For the kids, Big sister “Berries inside,” and for the last born, “Sweets inside.” Looks awesome, or what do you say?

. Write on your stomach “Baby number 1, 2 or 3 loading,” and probably show the percentage.

. “It all started with a pet,” this can be great if you want to be a little flirtatious.

. “Newborn coming soon”

. “Come out Liz,” if you’re carrying a baby girl and you’ve already agreed she will be Liz.

#3 Invite some family members to your maternity photography

Mastering the art of taking your own baby bump photos is fabulous, but trying it with your partner, friends or family will get you another feeling during the shooting. Bump pictures which show the connection with other people reassures true love to the lucky nursling about to come. Family maternity poses will vary with the age of your children and the setting chosen.

#4 Big sister or Big bro bonding

Older kids can’t wait for their siblings to come and the excitement is a lifetime opportunity to catch before competitions set in. Capture a playful moment between mom and the toddlers comparing bellies. Allow the kids to have fun and get silly with that pot for your photos to radiate joy. Don’t forget their favorite snacks if you want them to love every bit of the session.

#5 Double Trouble

You could be fortunate to have a sister or a bestie who is expectant too. How about an afternoon together at the studio for a pregnancy collabo release? Nothing flirts like two bellies kissing. Imagine all those comments from her people and your friends combined.  No doubt the image will trend, or even get featured as one of the big things in the weeklies.

#6 Beach bump photos

Oceanfronts are identified with palms, and the sexy gals shining in bikinis. With the soaring temps and the white sands, you cannot accuse them of anything. Raw edibles are always the healthiest after all.

Beach life is associated with love and beauty. Who doesn’t know the fruits of kissing? It’s because of that reason we hint some romantic bump shots that will lure you to the coast the next time you swallow pumpkin seeds.

#7 Incorporate some pretty props

Use some nice items meant for youngsters to break your gravidity in a special way. There are many things around you to suggest the presence of an infant, but a teeny tiny pair of shoes paired with a beautiful bump is a kill. Take a photo while hanging baby clothes when you have none other than the one who can’t stop kicking the inside of your abdomen.

#8 About to pop

Capture your pregnancy moments in a fun and amusing way. Everybody loves bubble gum, take a few shots while blowing balloons with a sign, “About to Pop,” or any other phrase of your choice. A family photo shoot with balloons will create you sweet memories that you’ll be fond of forever.

#9 Bum Vs bub photos

Walk down memory lane and share your reflections. It’s simple, join to photos taken at different times, one during gestation and another with your little angel on the stomach. Such photos can help the kids to connect with mother love throughout their life.

#10 Countdown

The photo style highlights every step of the bump, and it’s beautiful if you take the action together with your people. Let the big sister or brother bear a sign of their real age as you hold that of the new team member. Everyone will be glad to watch you do it again.

Advantages of sharing pregnancy news early

. You begin to create a support network early in pregnancy

. Early offers for physical and emotional support

. More advice from friends and relatives about the relevant practitioners

. When the unspeakable happens, you’ll need the love of your kin and colleagues

. It helps in decision making especially for the first time moms

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