Find the Coolest Lodge for Your Vacation

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Thank God for its Easter, you have a long weekend and you're thinking of a trip to unwind. It's definite you know what to pack, but accommodation is always a challenge and reducing its cost can lead to big savings on your travel budget.

If you’re planning for a trip with your sweetie, family, or just solo, accommodation is one of the crucial things to arrange for. Deciding on where to stay during vacations is tricky, and it can break your trip if not carefully taken well of. Any place chosen for accommodation has to suit your budget and add something to your memory book. [Read: Why every couple should travel before marriage]

Beach resorts and Villas have grown in popularity as perfect holiday homes. In the mix are hostels, also competing for a share in the same industry. The line between the two has become fuzzy that we can’t precisely tell which is which.

While you figure out which accommodation is ideal for your holiday, in this article, we break down the various Pros and general tips to decide between putting up in a hotel or hostel and enjoy lots of fun during your trip.


Hotels offer tailormade rare treats and ample privacy in addition to the many perks that come with individual room service. If you want to lodge in a guest room on your weekend escape, this is a must read.

#1 Charming designs

High living hotels have beautiful and fancy designs with high-end finishes from the exteriors, interiors, to the sweetly scented rooms with dreamy beds and steamy bubble baths. The tactile layouts will give you an unforgettable paradise experience that will make you feel special.

#2 Security

Customer safety and security in upscale hotels is a priority. They have surveillance cameras covering all the common areas 24/7, and access cards to rooms. Although most of us don’t notice them, maybe because of our ignorance or their disguise, there are always security specialists on the watch in well managed facilities. This is to say your life and property are safe in such places.

#3 Business and office work convenience

Guest rooms usually come ready with study desks. With their privacy, one can complete simple office tasks during work trips. Best of all, many hotels offer fully equipped conference arenas and ballrooms for all.

#4 Exceptional room services

Well well… you want to be served breakfast in bed. The dream of every client is to be attended with someone who knows the dos and don’ts, exactly the reason why established resorts hire professional staff for outstanding services. Most of them are inviting and they can handle special requests alongside their discounted packages. With prior arrangements, you can host events like, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and many more using the hotel facilities.

#5 Extras

Hotel rooms come with lots of luxuries and every other thing that you would probably need for your comfort. Most of them have large TV screens installed with lots of channels, minibars, swimming pools, and spa among other amenities to make you enjoy a home away from home.

#6 Convenient payment methods

Many guest rooms can be booked online, and virtually all of them accept credit cards or bank wire. Aside from the convenience, flexible payment methods allow for early booking which often comes with great deals. And by extension allowing enough time for planning other travel essentials.


Do you want to live with roommates and soak yourself in lovely tales the whole night? Hostels are superb for a dormitory-like feel. They have a standard style consisting of bunk beds with limited to no privacy. As you plan to go out with your buddies, think about the advantages of parking in a hostel.

#1 They are affordable

Unless you’re on a business trip, many of the usual private room facilities will be of no use. Most hostels are prudently designed to skip such comforts and have the necessities like TV installed in shared lounges. The tact helps in cutting costs and the savings are passed to the guests as low-priced accommodation.

Hostels charge relatively cheap, but still, you can negotiate the rates further since many of them deal with backpackers who only stay a night or two before proceeding elsewhere. If you live a little longer, good for you, most of the owners would prefer long-term guests to avoid chances of a room sitting empty. You can actually bargain for more favorable terms with the added advantage and enjoy every step of your trip.

#2 Ideal to make new friends

Youth taverns are excellent places to meet and mingle with people from nearly all walks of life. They exhibit little to no privacy, you can hear people snore or see others walk in their underwear. Common areas like the dining halls provide perfect conditions to socialize with other travelers.

#3 Hostels are ideal for travelers

Unlike the chain hotels usually managed from overseas, hostels are focused on the local neighborhoods. Not to mention their well traveled staff. In fact, many of them are owned by travelers who just want to build a business based on the travel world. They know what trips mean and how it feels being far away from home.

#4 Convenient for group tours

Some hostels allow for large numbers of guests to put up in one room. A night in a setup surrounded by friends is a lifetime fun experience during group vacations. But if it doesn’t work for you, I’m sure you’ll smile saving a few coins for just sharing a room with your besties.

#5 Location

Most of the travelers’ inns are converted from old homes or apartments, which are centrally located in major cities and ubercool areas. On the contrary, posh hotels whose building designs do not conform to city restrictions will normally be located in the outskirts. Strategic locations are time saving, and they can pleasantly cut down your transport expenses.

#6 Exciting events

Although not in all facilities, you’re likely to enjoy various events hosted by the hostel, especially during high seasons and weekends. Imagine taking part in a wild party in Rome or wine tasting in Porto.

#7 Many hostels offer kitchen facilities

Cooking while on a vacation may not be appealing, but the excitement of eating out wears off fast and you will soon thirst for your favorites. Speaking of food, if you’re under a special diet, trust me you’ll cook. Even if toasting isn’t your thing, at least you can prepare a cup of hot coffee instead of ordering everything.

Potential downsides of hostel accommodation
#1 Lack of convenient methods of payment

With drastically cut costs, many budget hostels cannot offer convenient methods of payment like credit cards and bank wire. And if they do, service charges may be passed to the customers.

#2 Expect limited luxuries

One way to maintain low nightly rates in hostels is to avoid unnecessary extras found in lavish resorts, or just have them shared. You will be lucky if you found a TV with HBO in your room. Now you know, if you lodge in a hostel, don’t be disappointed with internet downtime and limited room service if offered at all.

#3 Unpleasant noises

Thorough research about accommodation is a worthy undertaking before making any booking decisions. Some places attract a younger crowd, and I guess you know what comes with youthful vigor. You’ll not be spared the wee hours noise if your room is next to the bar or common area.

Tips to help you choose between the two now that you’re informed;

. If saving money is top in your priorities, then a hostel will be a kill for you.

. Figure out the time of vacation you’re about to embark on. Hotels are ideal for business and work trips, whereas hostels are thumbs up for personal fun travel.

. Skip them, agents and brokers. Always avoid third-party websites when booking online. Without even talking about cyber bullies and thieves, additional service charges can make your accommodation expenses to shoot up.

. Look for alternatives for flexibility. Yes, we told you to research. During your consultation, find out more about the bonuses available, their gravity to your trip and ask yourself if they are worth your bucks.

. If this trip is solo or group. Hostels offer convenient accommodation for large groups traveling together.

. Deciding between a hotel and a hostel will largely depend on availability and the relative location in relation to where you want to explore.

. Whenever you’re in doubt, book one night. When you don’t have convincing information about a boarding house, just book for the first day. If you decide you would rather reside elsewhere when you finally check in, you will move out without much troubles and bureaucracies.

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