Bedroom Trumpets: 18 Natural Aphrodisiac

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Could there be love drugs without aphrodisiacs? Natural alternatives to get your mojo going are much safe, and their side effects are fewer.

Wondering about the magical Spanish fly! Do love potions really work? Sex is essential in life, just like food, shelter, and clothing. The untold reality about human is that our minds are largely occupied by two things – food and making babies.

With all the hustles of life, relationships suddenly change, you cannot have those pillow tales daily as you did before. But hey, outside burnout excuses, there are times we could wish for something inspirational to get set. Thank God at least there are bites which can sneak in a bit of excitement into our bedrooms. [Read: How to be a sex goddess and cast any man with a sexual spell]

We can’t talk about lively menus without mentioning lovemaking, being one of the staples of a happy living. With or without any scientific backing, there is no secret, some foods have gained a huge sexual honor because of the amative nutrients, and their shapes resembling genitalia.

#1 Bananas

This fruit contains bromelain enzyme that is believed to increase men’s sexual drive. It’s high in potassium content, riboflavin and vitamin B2 that also keep energy levels during boner. We can’t assume its look, because the priapic shape triggers passions in women and makes lovers go bananas.

#2 Oysters

Oysters are the most notorious in this category. They contain zinc, and their news about love and fertility are all over the world. The rare morsel is also believed to contain amino acids that fuel the production of sex hormones.

#3 Avocado

While on the tree, avocados often hang in pairs like the male something. The fruit contains vitamin E which helps sustain youthful vigor and endurance. They also have a rich flavor and a pear shape which grows even hotter when cut into two.

#4 Carrots


They won’t be amused if you came between them and their chunks. Come to think of it, do women love carrots for other secret reasons or just for the mare shape? The Nutri-root contains vitamin A and other ingredients that enhance hormonal balance. Unlike cultured, wild carrots are the most potent aphrodisiacs.

#5 Watermelon 

Watermelons are rich in lycopene and citrulline. The first nurse is useful in prostate cancer prevention but we’re interested in the later. Like Viagra, citrulline has the power to relax blood vessels. It boosts nitric acid level, thus opening blood pathways and accelerate circulation to the nerve endings. For even deeper arousal, the small seeds you often throw away work like a charm.

#6 Chocolate

It’s a snack which has been related to love for long, and one of Valentine’s day staples together with ice creams.

Chocolates have a sensual taste and great aroma. They contain the ‘love chemical’ phenylethylamine, which stimulates the hormone released during coitus. From back centuries, it has bee argued that black chocolate releases endorphins, a feel-good chemical to women.

#7 Honey

Mum, where do babies come from? Of course, from the birds and the bees! Being a bee product made through pollination, honey is symbolic. It’s rich in vitamin B which enhances production of testosterone, and so increases sexual urge. This food also contains boron that is needed for the regulation of estrogen and testosterone.

Apart from the honeybunnies and honeybunch, the origin of honeymoons is a controversy surrounding this good. In fact, the wedding Champagnes we give to the bride and the groom are a product of honey. The new couple is expected to start making babies soon, what does it tell you?

#8 Coffee

Coffee is libidinous. Actually, taking a cup of hot coffee after supper is fine if you can’t afford a glass of wine. The caffeine in the coffee stimulates heartbeats and makes the blood to flow a little faster. I promise you’ll love it later in your chambers.

#9 Figs

Figs and the fall of man! Do you remember the fig trees in the Garden of Eden? What about the scandalous fruit and the mischievious Eve? Paradoxically the fig fruit mirrors sex and fertility. It’s a smack of the female organ and contains potassium which is vital for keeping energy levels. The fruit is also rich in amino acids to boost libido and sexual stamina.

#10 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin is one of the autumn favorites with tremendous bedroom benefits. However, apart from the Europeans and Chinese, scant information is known about this sexual powerhouse. Many people only cozy on its leaves and actual greengrocery trashing the seeds.

The amazing little seeds with their magnesium content are among the creme de la creme cosset stimulants. One more thing, they are prostate friendly. [Read: 10 Crazy things to do with pumpkin seeds this holiday season]

#11 Asparagus

Like roses, asparagus is not just a crop but love. It has high concentrations of Vitamin E which increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the genitals. Potassium and folic acid in asparagus are extras for high strengths in bed. The budding food has a suggestive shape making it thumbs up to send one into the mood so fast.

#12 Almonds

Almonds and walnuts are a symbol of fertility that can be traced back to Biblical times. They form the major source of fatty acids like Omega – 3. The aroma in almonds arouses the girly feeling in women making them more intimate.

#13 Chilies

This spicy food contains capsaicin and heats up the body increasing blood flow which in turn stimulates the nerve endings. Chilies also make the brains to release endorphins, that feel-good chemical. Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly because the silly thing stings if it gets to your other area once you hard up.

#14 Maca

The root is native to Peru. It is used to boost fertility and goes by the nickname ‘Peruvian Viagra.’ It’s one of the few natural aphrodisiacs actually backed by science. The root increases stamina and strength in the bedroom. Animal studies reported an increase in libido and erectile function in mice and rats fed with maca.

In addition to the lustful delights, the stuff is useful in hormonal balance. It can help women gain in more female parts giving them a fleshly figure. Its powder is also used to manage irregular menses.

[Read: Simple tips to grow wider hips and a bigger round bum]

#15 Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba, also know as maidenhair, is a herbal supplement popularly used in Chinese medicine to treat lots of ailments that include depression, sexual dysfunction, and performance.

#16 Garlic

Garlic contains allicin, which increases blood flow whose end result is nothing less than stamina and sexual gravity. The smell from this food can be weird, take it when it’s fully cooked if your breath turns unpleasant.

#17 Nutmeg

The aphrodisiac is a healthy spice with a never ending list of advantages. It’s common among the Hindu cultures. Around festive seasons, Indian women are nutmeg mavens. It is believed the warming properties of nutmeg can push things extremely hotter. Use nutmeg to enliven your foods, especially tea and you’ll fancy the results.

#18 Fenugreek

It is used for medicinal reasons as an anti-inflammatory and libido booster. Fenugreek seeds can be used to cheer up foods for their health benefits. Among them being, enhancing breast tissues and milk production in mothers. The food is also believed to increase sexual desire, particularly in ladies.

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