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18 Romantic things of thoughtfulness to surprise your man

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"I LOVE YOU," is sweet but even his mother tells him the same. Is there anything left to make you stand out? Random tokens are exciting, and they can make your boyfriend feel cherished in addition.

Occasional surprises are better than just money. Yes, if you’re planning something for your man, don’t wait until his birthday. Sure, because it’s his big day, and it’s expected you’ll throw him a gift.

Put the obvious aside and take advantage of the rare jolly moments whenever they appear. The happy bits can earn you a bunch of excitements that can actually bring the both of you closer.

Fully paid holiday getaways are OMG, but if you’re a genius, any nice curveball is a godsend. While you brainstorm on how to be his perfect type, hang around for some breathtaking gestures which are superb to impress any man.

#1 Compose him a poem

Your man will enjoy reading some handmade romantic rhymes that you put together for him. Drop him a love poem at his office to get him spirited, and he will be intoxicated with love. You can as well finish the lines in your poetry with some goodies later in the evening to inspire him into the mood.

#2 Offer him a random gift

Never get yourself worked up over gifts, especially if you know that special stuff he has eyed for some time. Show up at his workplace with a wrapped present as a tribute for his love. He will be in for a sweet shocker if you offered him those polo shirts, gym suits, or a watch he’s been looking for. [Read: Amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for Bae]

#3 Throw him a surprise party

We mentioned it earlier, big days aren’t the best for surprises. This means you’ll have to be keen on your timing.

He just graduated or got a promo, he is blissful around this time. Rock him high by arranging a colossal surprise party for him. Though it takes a little commitment sending out invitations and planning the staples, it’s something your hubby will be fond of for many years coming.

#4 Send him a romantic letter

The digital era has made life simple. We can talk to our loved ones while abroad without much struggle. However, the headache surrounding tech is that instant messages are forgotten in a flash. And apart from settling the dilemma, handwritten letters are much deeper, and passionate to express your inner feelings.

#5 Show your silly side

In case you’re up to something wild, clandestine commando is an unmistakable charm to get your man flying. Floss in skimpy crotchless undies, or forget about them on purpose. Then hint him about the evil at his weakest point. Tease them a little, and that pair of round perky glutes will send their filthy mind in sinful imaginations. [Read: How to flirt like a Pro without being slutty]

#6 Homemade dinner set

Probably, the widely practiced and the most romantic date night for any loving couple. Instead of a lunch out in the often pricey resorts cramped with strangers, theme your home for an aesthetic evening. Honestly, your man will enjoy dinner decorated with red candles after a long day at work. Luckily, the blowout is simple to prepare provided you stick to their favorites. [Read: Stunning date night ideas that your bae will crave for]

#7 Set him a treasure hunt

This is also another one that will take your time and creativity, yet an incredibly awesome idea to stroke a man’s anxieties. The game can be set as a scavenger hunt, or in the form of miming letters. Make sure it’s interesting and the whole thing should lead to a big surprise, or just a happy ending.

#8 Invest in a change of space

Stop by his favorite restaurant for dinner or a cold beer before pulling out a key to a guestroom. Spend good times together enjoying room service, bubble baths, and cuddling in big beds. [Read: Hostel or Hotel? Find the best accommodation for your next holiday]

#9 Sneak him a sexy note

Write a genuine sexy remark describing what you feel towards him. Don’t forget to tell how you miss him and that you will be waiting to spoil him in the evening. Sneak the note into his pocket, briefcase, laptop bag, or lunch box, so that he can discover it while at work. Trust you me, he will go nuts upon discovering your heeds.

#10 Buy him tickets

Your man is bound to love this if he is a huge sports fanatic or into big screen shows. Set the mood with a drink at his normal joint before revealing the tickets to a premiere or a football match derby for two. Fun at the movies is one of the greatest dates on a tight budget.

#11 Plan for a trip together

Whether you’re taking a flight to the Caribbean, or just want to hang around, a trip with your flame is healthy. A nostalgic weekend out on a tropical beach will soak you in a romantic drama that is not going to fade away any time soon. [Read: Whey every couple should travel before marriage]

#12 Give him what he likes, that you seemingly hate

Think of his fantasies, and say okay if he opens up for you. Or rather shock him by soliciting them yourself and the jolt will leave them speechless. Of course, he will think you’re crazy or something, but you got to reassure him of the feeling about taking the risk to learn a new thing.

#13 Red surprise

Don’t receive him by the door as usual when he gets back home. Instead, leave instructions on the table for him to catch you somewhere. Then jump into your sexiest underthings, or wait for him raw. I’m not sure how, but I’d advise you to prepare for the aftermaths…!

#14 Love coupons

Arrange some coupons for him to pick nice deals like, a cold beer from a bar nearby for a week, or to visit a spa weekly for a month. Fully paid shopping vouchers are the common version of these giveaways.

#15 Surprise visit

Stop by his office around noon with his number one nosh, and excuse yourself very fast without causing any disturbance. If you’re that cheeky, you dropped the pack with a concealed sexy note inside, he will begin to miss you immediately you step out.

#16 Wear a matching outfit

Couple wears aren’t for weddings and family functions alone. Try some look-alike styles one day for no good reason other than flaunting your love. Definitely, your neighbors will compliment you for being a match made in heaven.

#17 Make him a souls playlist

Lover’s rock or Rn! As long as you know each other, figuring out what moves your Romeo won’t be a test from hell. Create a playlist from his choice songs and enjoy the tunes together cuddling on some cozy snacks. A little tango in your living room can complete the chemistry in a few minutes.

#18 Take him somewhere he loves

Your man loves swimming, not so? Why can’t you think of a weekend at the beach or lunch by the poolside as you watch them do what they know best?

Besides splashing waters, guys love clubbing and chilling out with women. Make sure whatever you offer shows your deeper insight into them.

We hope you enjoyed this read. You may also want to see our Guide on To Show Love to Your Number One Guy

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