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15 Ways to Freshen up Your Relationship and Keep The Spark Alive

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Virtually every relationship is fun at the start. The hearts beat together as one, couples love the same things, and there are no fights. After a short while, it all changes, you no longer have sex daily and conflicts set in.

Normally, love is at the peak when couples are energetic, fresh and full of excitements. Relationship beginnings are sweet, a lot more fun with new things and you want to be with your flame like every second all day.

However, as time goes some bad habits turn into a routine. Gradually things becoming flat and at times boring. Some couples are not bothered with the dullness, its nature after all, and the myth is unavoidable. Obviously, they expect a bit of downtime at some point.

When feelings of attraction and sexual desire can’t excite anymore, we assume the fire is gone and an inert future has befallen. In such instances, don’t allow your relationship to take a downward trajectory. [Read: Romantic ways to show love to your number one guy]

It’s impossible to have a smooth affair, but some teeny surprises are incredibly hot especially when things get a little stale. If you’re in your early 20’s, there is a time you need something inspirational to bring back the sparks. For those in the 80s, there are solutions that have worked for generations. A combo of new skills, old favorites, and some fine touches will keep your hookup forever green and rosy.

#1 Dating never stops

Ask them, young lovers will tell there is magic in night outs. Quite a number of men and women are returning from dates every evening, many of them touched and charged.

Change of space from a scenery cramped with kids and servants can light up the candles again. Check in at a serene guest house, enjoy ordering room service and privacy to reactivate the long gone ooh… yeah beast that you are. Dates can be a few hours long, a day or even a whole weekend of cuddling. [Read: Sweet date night ideas that your bae will crave for]

#2 Try something daring together

Get your boot off that couch and take on something new with your honeybunch, such as speedy biking or skydiving. Getting your adrenaline going together can elevate your passions naturally and make you grow fonder.

#3 Get regular tech-free sessions

Spare yourself that sacred no gadgets hour. Put aside the cell phones, and switch off your stereos to give every attention to your partner. Hit the tub as a duo, or just take a shower together at least once a week. This is a surefire to ignite the latent flames.

#4 Suggestive dance moves

Listen to their favorite tunes and press your pelvises together, entwine your legs and twirl around the living room. Slow dance moves are suggestive, often tempting and they can set someone into lustful moods so fast. If the living room isn’t comfortable with you, get cozier in your bedroom. Take advantage of the secrecy and throw into each other clothless. That day you try dancing nude with your Valentine, you’ll realize you’re not college roommates or business partners.

#5 Be each other’s servant

Feeding each other in restaurants, or dinner nights looks awkward, but it can make both of you nervous. Of course, you’re an adult, you understand these things.

Sit in front of your chum and perfectly keep unbreakable smiles as you show the forks into each other’s mouth. Any woman will feel girly, and shy if a man mistakenly put the forks on her nose, which is normal.

You can as well jump into the bathroom and be of service to one another. Cleanse and tease his Vandyke while he shaves your legs, or great if you can do his happy tail before exchanging a sticky bath. [Read: More than sweet ideas for Valentine’s day]

#6 Enjoy each other’s pals

The fact that you’re married or dating doesn’t mean you do away with your social circles. Congrats to the party gals. If you know your man’s closest buddies, arrange for a surprise friends event and send invitations to both his guys and the babes. The good aura of the people you love around is a great turn on that is going to make you wink, and no man can miss out such through balls.

#7 Embrace some new things

Embark on a journey that all of you know nothing about apart from the few lines you got from the internet. New things are interesting, and they can bring back the lost intimacy.

#8 Be a little spontaneous

You want your relationship spirited, then keep your partner guessing. It’s beautiful when they cannot stop thinking about you.

Instead of your outdated missionaries, bring a randy magazine to your bedroom. Flip through to a random page and figure out what you see with your sweetie. Spare the sheets and mess around the floor in the living room. I bet you’ll be shy once your lastborn is back from his hide and seeks. [Read: Romantic things of thoughtfulness to surprise your man]

#9 Miss each other

Stay back on a weekend and give some space for your man to live it up alone. Let him joint with the boys while you gossip with your girls at home. A few hours apart will let you enjoy whatever you want freely without having your partner yell at you. Missing one another can inject a little nectar for when you meet again. [Read: How to make your love miss you like badly]

#10 Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t be too comfy even if everything works out your way. Never slow down on anything because you’ve not experienced low tides in a relationship. Many people especially women, and their weight change into untellable something after marriage.

Preferably, maintain an objective workout routine and keep an eye on your diet. Peek into your past, and focus on the habits that made them fall for you. Appreciate what attracted them and dress the part. Wear the sexy makeups like you did, and remain that sizzling temptress he admired. [Read: Be an irresistible hottie and seduce men like a charm]

#11 Be a star in bed

You and I know just like good food, sex is crucial in any pertinency. Try new things like, vibrators, exotic lubes, or role-play in costumes to avoid the boring straightups. Arrange for a popping Champaign to weaken their knees after dinner. Then soak yourself in red wine to get off those butterflies and jump at it like teens. [Read: How to be a sex goddess and cast any man with a sexual spell]

#12 Complete a task together

Set realistic goals and work towards your aim. Graduate to more challenging once and encourage one another if you’re to see it through to the end. Expressing some kindness to your sugar can move you a few inches closer.

#13 Enjoy poetry together

Readout something erotic, or dreamy love poems to one another. Thumbs up if you can do the reading aloud. Both of you are going to fantasize the words between the lines and imagine your heavenly bodies.

#14 Create yourself secret codes

It’s exciting to feel awkward around your friends sometimes. Unlock some upbeat moments by sharing passwords that only the two of you can decode the meaning. Choose words that frequently come up in your chats and give them some sensually tempting meanings. Imagine the thrills if your partner stroked your inner thigh under the table because you just said ‘hot’ during dinner. [Read: Flirt like a Pro without being obvious]

#15 Flash him in public

Increase your man’s pulses by flashing him in public. The next time you hang out with a guy, give them a sneaky peek-a-boo or your inner thigh when no one is watching. This subtle gesture is going to drive him nuts, and for sure you’ll pay for your sins at any slightest opportunity

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