13 Simple Tips to Avoid Blunders While o

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The winters will come and go, and the summers won't stay forever either. With the wake of the internet, nowadays we are savvy and Black Friday won't catch us unawares.

We want to stun during occasions, and in every event, we need to bring in that modish and elegant something into the wardrobe. Ladies, I’m I speaking your mind?

Everybody loves shopping, everybody loves saving money, and of course time. Combining the three is a headache for everyone. How do you actually do it?

This read brings you tested ways to help you shop more for less, and save you a few coins to push you till the next payday. You’ll as well realize the petty stuff you don’t pay attention to but still end up costing you.

#1 Budget planning

You have probably tried to prepare one before, right? Was it as detailed as it should? Did you stick to it? Budgeting is crucial before any spending. It helps you prioritize the essentials, pay your bills, and still remain with some cash for your saving box. Make sure to input the total amount required and to include the price of each item before setting off for the shopping to avoid inconveniences. An ideal budget will feature all expenses to include the shipping tariffs and any other charges.

#2 Wardrobe check

Whether you’re going to buy those new shirts using the loyalty points in your card or free vouchers, it’s important to take a moment to go through the contents of your closet. You’ll be surprised what you’re itching for is already inside your wardrobe. The misstep happens especially when your shopping is frequent or you go for eye-catchy pieces every time you’re picking clothes and not what you actually need.

Checking your collections regularly will help you to avoid stacking up similar brands for no good reason. Besides, it will give you a hint of what to purchase for easy pairing with what you have.

#3 Be honest with yourself

There will be advertisements, some of them deceptive. You got to keep your ears open and your mind alert, you’re in this alone and a small silly mistake can ruin your future. Imagine borrowing to buy folly Ankara tunics because they were on offer! I’m not talking to myself, sure, many of us have occasionally picked some stupid shiny things without needing them, all because of hype. While in the market, being decisive will save you from those luxurious impulses that are likely to blow your expenses.

#4 Use cash

Carrying your credit card is safe and more flexible, but using cash will show you the exact amount you’ve spent. Adding affordable items matching your pocket to your basket will make you a champ at the counter. And notably, when you check out with cash, you truly feel the pinch of your bucks in the hands of that petite ever grin teller.

#5 Stick to your list

It’s quite boring to go sit down with a pen, a piece of paper, and a calculator, but it will at least save you the regrets. A wish list will ensure you don’t acquire too little of an item or way too much of another. More importantly, you’ll be left with that precious spare change since deals for bulk buying are planned and well catered for in your table of wants.

#6 Buy online if and when possible

It’s obvious when you think about online stores, these thoughts will come to your mind, ease and convenience. The two can make you opt for the old school shopping so as to make spending a hassle. But that should not be the case, online shopping will enable you to know the price of each item more precisely in a few clicks. You won’t have to go through the trauma at the counter when the price adds up and your bank card can’t cope.

#7 Do not purchase foodstuff when on an empty stomach

It’s almost impossible to avoid fast foods in high-end outlets. Not because I’m a foodie, ooh save me that crap, for God sake I’m a girl and I know how it feels passing by the sweetly scented shelves.

However, pulling biscuits, chocolates, and other snacks while your stomach is rumbling can lead to a lot of bad decisions on what you need to carry home. You’ll end up filling your basket with unnecessary junks that are short-lived instead of the long-term groceries. After getting home and filling the tummy, you’ll have a lot of it to trash and realize how much cash you’ve probably wasted.

#8 Do not shop when you’re emotional

Do not shop when you feel upset or extremely excited. It’s literally the worst thing to do. Never in your life make shopping the source of joy during distress for it will make you consume bundles out of frustration. The reaction isn’t different in happy times. The “I’ll think about it tomorrow” attitude will dig a hole in your account and leave you sorry the next day. Only shop when your mind is sound and you’re at your most efficient self.

#9 Make enough time for shopping

If you thought you can pop in a boutique, pick your goodies and walk away because you have a budget, you’re 101% wrong. Who does that anyway! You need time to shop around for better bargains or at least check the products for quality. Rushing will only make you miss out great things that you wouldn’t forgive yourself.

#10 Use a calculator

I didn’t say you should carry your son’s scientific calculator to the market but have something to do the maths. And in this case, that digital numbers wizard on your phone is perfect. It will help you to add the figures instead of approximating the total value of your receipts.

#11 Avoid discounts on extra expenditure

They come in disguise, ‘buy two get one free, or spend $ 100 or more and get 20% discount.’ Listen to them and you’ll run out of cash in no time. I don’t wanna sound odd, but yeah, offers won’t give you anything for free. They are either meant to boost sales or to clear otherwise stale stock and often the later is true. Offers will just drive you into unnecessary spending or drag you into substandard commodities.

#12 The salesman is there for himself

The sexy girl on the counter is not all the beauty she radiates. They are ever smiling but not all they say is the gospel truth, in any case, you’re are not her boyfriend. They just want to push up their sales to earn more commissions. As long as they are selling, they can lie to you for all they care. Just give them attention and audit every statement with an open mind.

#13 Dress up for the hustle

You’re not going out for any date, I know that but I say again, “dress up for the hustle.”

If your shopping thing involves fashion items, try and do an outfit to match the expected activities. For ladies, do free dresses and you’ll appreciate me in the changing room. They are effortless to wear and take off, isn’t that enough to save you that crucial extra minute to try more pieces?

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